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I had posted last week about dropping Advanced Nutrients and I’m compiling a list now of my replacement nutrients. The goal is to produce a more quality tasting herb without losing yield hopefully? Can you guys please help a n00b out? Here is what I am thinking;

Canna A&B – My meat & potatoes!

PK13/14 – Bloom booster (unless someone has a better suggestion)

Mammoth P – To assist my bloom booster (Is this truly necessary?)

Recharge! – Bacteria, fungi and acids (duhh!) Now, can I use this with seedlings? Or should I purchase something like Rhizotonic?

Cal/Mag – My girls seem to love the sh*t out of cal/mag, so I’m thinking botanicare or green planet cal/mag unless you guys recommend something else that works really well?

Silica – Recommendations on a silica additive? Truly necessary?

Resin enhancers – I was thinking Terpinator and finishing with New Millenium Winter Frost. Opinions on this?

Flushing agent – Is this recommended or plain water? I’ve been using Flawless Finish which seems to work great. Recommendations? Opinions?


Thanks in advance DGC. -Meef