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Hello DGC! I am a led junkie and I can’t stop buying grow lights. I am currently growing in a 10’+40′ construction trailer. One flower room is 10’+10′ I’m running a hlg diablo 350r, a grower’s choice roi-e720, a optic 4 gen 4–360wt, a spider farmer sf-4000–480wt & a ilumitech neosol Ds…. Flower room 2 is 10’+14′ I’m running a fluence bioengineering spydrx plus–680wt, a fluence spyder 2i 680wt, a Mars hydro ts-2000–300wt & 4-morson led 100wt… My veg room is 10’+16′ under construction. I was jumping back and forth vegging and  I was having to wait to flip the flower from veg while whatever room was finishing up flowering. Now I’m flowering in two rooms simultaneously and I’m going to veg in a solid area that won’t be moved. I still have two bestva led 250wt, two growstar led 200wt each and a sun blaze-44 fluorescent lights I’m not running there cheap Amazon shit lights I’m thinking of using for new veg  room. But I’m loving the Diablo 350r it’s super intense for the price point. Can you help me decide?