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Hey DGC, just wanted to share my experience with yall. I’m creating a new space and needed a specific size tent to fit my area (48x36x72″), unfortunately I have very few options brand wise and they look like they all came from the same manufacturer, just different branding? So it really was a gamble, I purchased the “growneer” propagation tent for just under a $150. Upon check-out I noticed it would be sent by USPS, not Amazon and I sent them a message making sure the delivery box would not reveal its contents, they assured me it would be stealth. I received the package, and sure enough it said propagation grow tent for the whole world to see and My packing slip was opened ( I’m wondering if I’ve been flagged, I’m in FL) The box came damaged and the quality is basically like a glorified cardboard box with a zipper, threads are everywhere, single stitching, and the poles have splits all over. Also is 68″ not 72″, I’ve tried to leave four different reviews on this specific tent along with an unboxing video and Amazon will not publish it.

I’d prefer a quality tent like gorilla but I was limited on a specific size. Hope this helps!