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Love the show and all the community. Been learning a lot. Transferring to organics. This is my second grow without bottles. On my C99 plant the leaves look burnt, but it’s the trichomes on the sugar leaves are turning amber. The ones on the flower are starting to go cloudy. I started to flush week 5 because I thought they were burning. I’m in week 6, was going to try to let her go a little longer. Last time I harvested her at 7 weeks. It was great smoke, just thought she needed maybe another week. I moved my Amazon led light (I know, I know, gonna upgrade soon) up thinking I was burning them. I use Roots Organic soil and some of their dry amendments. I do compost and ewc tea. It didn’t do this last time, she’s a clone. Something I did or is this natural or deficiency? Just a little puzzled. Never seen them do that on any other strain I’ve grown. Any inputs would be grateful. Thanks