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Hey DGC,so after intense research and listening to different podcast interview’s with House & Garden Nutrient’s they have officially revealed one of the secret ingredient’s in there product called Amino Treatment. If your using any Silica and don’t want to worry about your nutrients having a reaction with your Silica then this is for you. Also if you dont want to have a separate amino product and a separate silica product. I was told that there’s certain amino acids with high quality organic mono silicic acid in amino treatment that make’s it stable and you can add to your nutrients in any order with out any reaction .It’s also a pH stabilizer. I run RO and I can actually testify that it does help stabilize my nutrient mix. It’s expensive, but it’s very concentrated with a application rate of 1 to 2.5 per gallon. I currently doing a side by side test between amino treatment and biobizz bioheaven with Alchemist MSA (mono silicic acid).so far I can not see any difference .It’s a good Silica product. You only use amino treatment till week 3 or 4 I think ,but after that I will switch back to Bioheaven. I feel like House and garden  would have sold a lot more of this stuff if they revealed that it there was silica in this product a long time ago ,lol. I would suggest a beginner grower to use this before any other silica product. Anyways hope this helps DGC. I’m over and out.

Your friend,
The Kid