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Wuz sappening D.G.C.!

I was given the green light to have a much needed medical grow by my landlord last year. The only stipulation my grow is I was limited to my bedroom with all my things. After removing a closet door and putting a hole in the bedroom door for exhaust i knew i was in business. IM SURE there are some amazing vendors on D.G.C. with better quality perhaps but this is a list for lets say those college kids saving piece by piece at their parents or the hobbyist grower or someone waiting for better gear after a harvest haha. I knew I could fit two 2X4 tents one being in a closet with one turned against the wall venting out the door. The cheapest most efficient options about broke down like this for me….

Two 2X4 Yield lab tents for 260$

Four 60 Watt Mars Hydros for 360$

Two Vivo sun Carbon filters for 200$

Four Basic Grow tents fans for 70$

Light EXT Chords, Fan EXT Chords, Outlets and 2 Timers  around 100$

Extra Ducting and Duct Tape  30$

I went with 10 Fabric pots in COCO/perlite.

Bags, Nutrients, Coco and of course RECHARGE      about 160$ for food.

After adding it all the total ends up being 1180$ which is actually very reasonable considering, even a novice grower can still yield a quarter pound to a half pound under just O.K. conditions as long as they dont over water the plant. I ended up adding a TNF Plastic CO2 bottle dispenser to each tent which was about 125$ with refills. Also keep in mind some items can be bought at different times.