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Since Virginia has legalized recreational i have family growing now which is so cool. I already see obvious things that are just Not what you do. Just saying if they are reading, healthy or not a 5 gallon bucket shouldn’t have a 4 foot tall pointer finger thick plant, unless a bunch of training is about to happen which isn’t coming 😬. I would like to say i am a good and capable INDOOR grower and many things can carry over to outdoor as in plant morphology and growing techniques. But Outdoor has sooooo much that is completely different and full of obstacles that i have never have to or want to even deal with. Well i would love a run through of outdoor parameters. Like what to do when it rains 🤷🏽‍♂️. And beyond that i dont even know what other questions to ask. Please help with what to do, expect steps to take, do nots, that are obvious that you guys see happen over and over. Much appreciated fam and thank you I’m so excited for cannabis reaching my irl family now too!