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Sorry fishing fans this is a different kind of Angling.

I like to put a bit of a tilt on my YoYo hangers to disperse my light on a bit of a angle to allow the two to find a sweet spot at a lower wattage. This allows them to have a better mixed spectrum and I run at a lower wattage. HPS is like flour in a fan while led is like a shower so Angling them helps the photons bounce at a angle into the lower portions of the plant. One light has 730nm and the other has UV both have 660nm one has more blue etc you get the drift.

I know at such a young stage it doesn’t make much difference but I still thought I’d share. Also before I get slammed the humidity dropped from 65 when I opened the zips this morning, extraction is usually on a timer. We run at around 40 -50 % natural humidity and cool  in my area which is bang on for when it comes to budding.

Got some Cheese in, some Lemon Lemon skunk and im giving Chemical Bride a go but I bet she will be finicky due to the chem lineage.

Also got a big bag of worm castings and bio char for £10a each.. 🤯💋 using these in conjunction with recharge I can see the chlorophyll filling the leaf much quicker as its usually slower while the soil gets establishment.

I also used those little cardboard root trays what get eaten by the soil fungi which I think will help feed the mycorrhizae with its carbonic carbohydrates lol.

Cheers from Scotland. Guru keep dropping bombs. Scotty keep interrupting. ( scotty is the glue btw I bet he is left handed and adhd he thinks like me at times haha)

& Dude is the kinda guy you’d want to meet up and go kayaking or cycling with and eat Psychedelics… Allegedly

Nice one from Richy Pine