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Hey Gents!

Appreciate all you do to support our community.  It was great to be able to chill with you on 420 during CLTV’s live sesh, that was a fun evening! I just watched one of your earlier videos where a grower modified an A/C unit to meet his/her needs. I thought that work was brilliant. I also enjoy finding low cost alternatives that meet my growing needs.

I run a 4 x 4 tent in my garage and I have a 6 plant max so my grow space is at a premium. The climate where I live is hot as hell with very low humidity so heat becomes a huge issue even when running Co2.  Last summer I bought an external A/C unit and put it in my tent.  It worked great, but took up the space that another plant could. I have seen this done before so it’s not my idea, but I built a snorkel on my external A/C unit and ran a 6″ line into my tent. I use an Inkbird to monitor my temps so it will turn on when it needs to. I can keep my 4×4 within about a 10 degree swing using the A/C unit so that works pretty well for me. I just thought someone else might benefit from this, if I had done this from the get go, I could have grown another plant or two.

By the way, I have used Recharge for the past three grows and my gals love that stuff, it’s like crack for them!

Shout out to the grower that posted the previous A/C hack!

Thanks Gents!