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In his 1981 book “Marijuana Botany” RCC addresses the topic on page 133 saying “Aridity favors resin production and total cannabinoid production”.    This means studies indicate a dryer environment means more cannabinoids.   So even if we aren’t over-watering per se, our cannabis may still not be optimal in terms of strength as if our watering and humidity were more dialed in.

I’m thinking of doing run-off maybe every 4th water, and this would be my Recharge inoculation also (I’m coco/perlite/worm casting).   Then several times of just adding small amounts of RO water/light food/Cal-Mag to keep the soil from being totally dry, and then dropping RH thru the floor last 2 weeks of flower.  (my challenge is I run continuous harvest, thus all my plants aren’t at the same point in the cycle.  Hmmm).

Interestingly, RCC on page 147 clarifies that end cannabis strength does NOT gain benefit from the extreme technique of drying out the soil totally and completely in the last 2 weeks of flower because cannabis still needs water for nutrient flow.   I’ve heard of this technique and had assumed it was true, but RCC states that at the end a dry atmosphere is what matters in boosting strength.