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I used to tack space blankets to the walls in my grow to get that crazy reflection factor, then I upped my game and bought the roll of Mylar film at the grow shop. Somewhere along the way, I discovered that Mylar reflects infrared light like a mofo, so I started wrapping my DWC buckets (before the Dude and Scotty showed my the way lol) in mylar, it’s great glued to a piece of cardboard to go over the top of the bucket (or pot I would imagine) too!

Before the plant starts to mature, the bucket is taking the heat coming off the lights straigh to the face, especially if it’s black, but bling your buckets with mylar and it’s amazing how cool they stay. I believe it blocks a lot of visible light and UV too, so if you have a rez or bucket that lets a little light through, you might be able to cut it out some that way too.

It’s kind of a bitch to work with but a glue stick makes life much easier. A large cardboard box broken down flat with Mylar glued to it makes a nice miniature reflective panel too. Use your imagination, re-purpose some old junk or the roll of Mylar film you gave up on, save some money, and do something cool 🙂

PS: The pic is a 3 gal DWC bucket that’s transparent pink. The lid is cut out and spray painted black (works if you’re gentle), and the bucket is wrapped in Mylar. There might be some fabric under the Mylar, but it worked very dankly.

Hope this helps someone out there.

Grower’s love.