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Hey DGC,

I’ve just started doing more aggressive LST techniques and testing out different styles on some smaller extra plants i have going outdoors. A few weeks ago I went a little to hard bending one of my main stalks and it legit broke in half. I use binder clips as an attachment point for my LST and have all different sizes so I found one that was about the same size as the branch that busted and used it to hold the 2 broken parts together. I left it for about 3 weeks. Only 1 leaf died and I barely noticed any difference from the rest of the plant. Sure enough when I took the clip off the branch was fused back together and healthy. I liked this method better than wrapping or taping the broken branch. I hope this will help a few growers of they have this same issue.  I recommend everyone order a mix size bag of binder clips. Happy growing guys and thanks for giving us this platform.