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I keep hearing about all these sweet low temp rosin dabs and I’m way to much of a wuss to blast myself so I’m stuck dropping some good coin on extracts when I have plenty of flower. So my question is has anyone tested any of these all-in-one cheaper presses available? Considered trying to make one of those Franken Presses by buying the plates, enail controller and a press from Harbor Freight but projects like that just never seem to pan out.

Wondering if there are any presses in the <$500 range that are worth a shit and would be suitable for my personal use. Don’t have the cash for a nice unit, can’t do a manual press (I’m disabled) and just want to taste some of that sweet sweet rosin I keep hearing about and not have to break the bank and have an angry wife for the foreseeable future 🙂

The Rosineer brand has caught my eye and has a few devices until my price point but only a handful of reviews and I lost a lot of my faith in Amazon reviews once everyone started to get freebies in exchange for a review.