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What’s up DGC, thank you for all the knowledge y’all have been willing to share with me so far, was able to crush my first photo period run. Obviously back to hopefully expedite some troubleshooting on my orangasm from irie genetics have 2 of those going only one really showing some issues just trying to get a handle on it before it gets any worse. Run down: 5 gal pots with potters gold soil, Lotus 3 part nutrients, roots organic cal-mag, air stones in 5 gal buckets, watering in at 6-6.5. Pics are from today week 2 of flower hence the urgency. Light is a growers choice roi e680 in a 5×5 at 60% about 20ish inches from canopy r/h 55-60 right now temps at about 78 First two pics are this grow last pictures are last harvests success. Any thoughts on what this could be?