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Yo what up DGC?! I am seriously loving all the Dank Nugs. So many great growers turning their lessons from the DGC into top shelf dank. Winning this competition is going to be tough.

This girl has some pungent skunk and Mandarin terps. She leans indica and is one of my go to night time meds. One of the hardest things about ADHD is the insomnia that typically comes with it. Without quality cannabis, I’m lucky to get 2 to 3 hours of  uninterrupted sleep. It’s a battle shutting the brain down at night and getting enough sleep to function for work. And, as a special ed teacher and behavioral specialist for little kids, I need to be on my game. This pheno of Apex really helps. I declarb it, grind it and put a gram of it in a smoothie. My nightly smoothie and a few rosin dabs has been a life changer.

Thanks DGC for being the bad ass community that you are. #moreGuru