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Hey guys! πŸ‘‹

I’ve been following the dude grow show for a while now from prohibition-land over the great pond, so I decided to join the DGC. I like to follow along your talks, especially during lockdown wake and bake took care of me socially 😁

I love your show! especially the know your breeder series is excellent. Please get the people from square one on the show! Would also love a crossover with mr. canucks grow

Currently the “synganic” garden (2.8 gallon pp-pots, canna terra professional, canna bio nutes added up with canna terra nutes in flower, Em-1 activated and Mykorhiza under a 600w hps on an Avenger L with superspreader and using ScrOG) is in full flower, week 6 providing 2 Criticals (1x topped+lst, the other just lst), 3 Cheese, all 3 topped and tied down and 1 Wedding Cake Auto, all yet from Zamnesia Seeds. And also 2 Clones of my this years outdoor (bag seed, but sativa dominant as it started flower last days of august and superthin leave structure), all photoperiodics are lollpopped, defoliated, tied down and in the scrog, however the clones are my issue:

i cut them in early July, one i topped twice the other one just tied down. this week I found aphid-infestation the topped one, so i removed every leaf where i found them, i checked for ants: didn’t find any… instantly ordered some predator applied them the next day! 3 days everything seems okay, the 4th day i checked the garden, the other clone got aphids… 😟

so i removed the infested leaves again, again no ants… now i think about options… i will water a neem-water-emulsion, cuz i don’t want to spray stuff in the flowers killing the pleasurable smokability.

How and why?? none of the other genetics have aphids, and there are 2 plants between the two clones which are affected… Do you think the aphids like their taste better??

Do you have any idea what else could i do about it??

the garden had fungus gnats and thrips before, but got rid of them with predators, yellow and blue sticky traps (nematodes and chrysin)…

Thanks for your support and have a awesome dank time.