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Greetings Dude, Scotty, Guru, the clan behind the scenes and the DGC! Thought I’d share some picts of day 63 of Apollo XX, by Brothers Grimm Seeds, and Crimea Blue, from Barney’s Farm. We’re hanging a couple more days to allow the trichs to get a bit more cloudy. They were vegged under a HLG 300V2 (4000K), and flowered under a HLG 550V2 (3000K) in combination with a HLG 100 (4000K) for a bit of spectrum diversity. Using Pro-mix HP, I run an array of various organic and mineral based nutrients including NPK Industries, Remo Nutrients, Earth Juice, finishing up a couple bottles of Advanced before migrating to Remo, Mammoth P, and of course – Recharge.  Co2 ranges from 650 to 950ppm, nutrient feeding maxed out at 750ppm (1.5EC) in mid flower and a pH tapering from 6.0 in early to late veg, down to 5.8 throughout most of flower. Temps range from 82.4 – 84.5 degrees fahrenheit, and a lights off temperature of 74 degrees throughout most of the cycle down to 67 for the last two weeks of flower. Next cycle will see the addition an additional HLG 100 (3000K) Rapid LED’s Dual Emerson Effect Booster Boards, Dual Exotic Supplement Booster Boards, 2 channel Blue Fish LED controller and a Pulse One to monitor to keep a close eye on things. It may seem extreme, but for an older fella having fun, you may as well nerd out and enjoy it!  Just want to say thanks to you all for laying out relevant and up to date info on all aspects of growing Cannabis! Hits, SatiVas