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This was a reg seed out of the free pack of 5 I received for joining the DGC.

This plant really surprised me.  It was in a room with my solid Ice Cream Cake and MAC1 (Cap’s cut) clones, And kept up in vigor and bud structure with them easily.
Now that it has been cured for 4 weeks (my first taste test), this is THE new strain everyone wants.  Before, no matter what Input in my garden, it didn’t measure up to the ICC or MAC1.  Apparition is definitely competing with frost, terps, and power of the high.  It hits hard and fast.  Before you know it, you’re on a rollercoaster.

Those free seeds were better genetics than 75% of the seeds I’ve ordered in the States.  (Barney’s Farm were  fire).

the plant looked so fire in the garden, I made sure to monster crop it one day before I chopped it to preserve that particular phenotype.

(last pic is Ice Cream Cake that turns deep purple for me even though the person who gifted me the cut always turns out green)