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What’s up DGC… Dude, Scottie, Guru, and Crew?!?! Got this pack a while back for being a part of the 420 live show! It’s Apple Punch by Tarantula Genetics. Took it 9 full weeks in a blend of Coco Loco and bumper crop soil builder. Amended with Espoma bloom dry amendments. They also have a liquid fish emulsion and a bloom booster with added microbes, that I use. Last but not least my weekly Recharge. Usually do teas as well but this run I didn’t have time but did top dress some EWC. Two slightly different phenos. Mostly color difference and very similar plant and bud structure. Also had my first experience with getting a male in a Pack of Fems. It actually showed itself before I put it into flower. Definitely was shocked to see that. But it does happen.