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Just a grow update, the girls are doing well 3 weeks in Veg no sign of Nutrient Deficiencies, I got some Powdery mildew issue last week but I took care of it with neem oil and yucca extract. In the aquaponic I got Blue dream (the one in the corner) and 2 HILO strains (CBD), I also have a Dragon Breath in a 10 gallons fabric pot. The rest in the 8’ x 8’ tent are vegetable; the cucumber love the earthbox I use the water from my fish tank to fill the reservoir in the earthbox. I Also have 2 cherry tomatoes plants, Basil, lettuces and Kales all in fabric pots. I got another batch of living soil cooking and I will add a couple 10 gallons fabric pots for more veggies. I have 3 SF-2000 light and the rest are T5 in the tent.