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Hey guys! Great to consult with you all.

Once again i’m a first time grower at 21 Y.O. and getting pretty excited, hoping everyday that passes brings me closer to the day i won’t have to spend outrageous amounts on my day to day medication.

No i’m not in a medical condition but i am diagnosed with ADD-ADHD and as a kid my parents put me on this terrible drug called Ritalin which literally took away my appetite and i would find myself spending my recess in the classroom doing homework instead of playing ball with my friends all that was when i was 9-14 years old. By then i got my parents off my back with a dominant recommendation from the director of my school that i’m better off without it.

My first brush with cannabis was when i was 16 i smoked my first joint and from the on the occasional smoke up when i was about 18 in the same dorm i was in that time there were a few guys who smoked and it became a very social thing for me.

On September 2017 i moved to the us and ever since have been supporting myself and paying rent but after time can’t not think to yourself why pay so much for something i can grow and since i’m in prohibition land i might learn a thing or two after i might just be confident enough  to grow my grow into a side income too.

Facts are like this. I’m growing in a 2x4x5 tent, 204 cfm exhaust fan with carbon filter and passive air intake through the side vents 2 of them. The temps are stable btw 68-73 rh 28-36%. The oldest plant is in week 13 but didn’t flower till week 8. The second one in week 12 and the third is at end of week 11. Here are some shots i got off a cheap microscope using it with my computer.

Update: Here are some better pics I hope and the breeder info.