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I just joined your $10 month membership because you guys and the show is awesome. I’m a relatively new grower only been growing for a yr. I usually use ocean forest soil and fox farm nutes. I work a crazy schedule and it’s hard for me to stick to a feeding schedule.  I just ordered grow dots and 2 bags of sohum water only soil. I will be growing 2 pink lemonade autos with grow dots and happy frog soil and 2 pink lemonade with the sohum soil. I just bought a large grow tent a dehumidifier and a humidifier and a

2022 New SPIDER FARMER SF-4000 LED Grow Light and

AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T6, Quiet 6” Inline Duct Fan. I want to grow quality over quantity so I invested a lot of money into a new setup. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  These are some Bruce banner autos I have going now in my old set up.