This fucker never ever fails me. So this is some kind of old metal attachment. I can screw it onto any small mouth mason jar. Whatever I put in it will go 6 gallons worth of water spray. I found two of these in an abandoned house. However this is the shit that you do find at estate sales or when your parents die. Well a lot of your parents you’re just gonna find lots of plastic probably. With busted out O rings. But make sure to hit grandma‘s estate sale. Just like them old appliances that never seem to break down. How many pump sprayers have I bought? This doesn’t at all replace a nice misty pump sprayer. But when you see this shit for free or near free.…, Don’t discount it because it’s old. And I won’t discount the new cool shit the Younghans invent. I won’t pay for it though until The fever dies down and I can get things on a good deal. Hey if experimentation is free, fuck around and find out!

And guess what? It’s national pick up your dog shit day! And everybody get out there with your shovel and make some dog manure for some lucky tree to eventually eat.