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Greetings everyone. I hope all is well… Just curious who uses Aritha powder as a surfactant? I’ve been researching some better surfactants than what’s available on the market and came across Aritha powder. We’ve been using it for a couple weeks and so far so good. I dont usually need surfactants in flower since my nutrient line contains them. Early on in veg I’m not adding enough nutes so im not getting the natural dose. Surfactants keeps the soil from hardening off and eliminates salty water channels within your media. It disperses the water evenly throughout the media which reduces dry pockets. I noticed the other day Jeremy from Build a Soil uses soapnut powder which is the same thing. They contain sapponins and that’s the magic ingredient. That made me feel better about using Aritha or soapnut powder.. Anyone have any experience with this? Much love DGC!