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Been awhile since I threw anything up been on discord though…SHOUT OUT my Dgc discord growmies who have truly been the best nute of all for this grower and a joyful humorous part of my daily life thanx y’all ❀ 🀘…so here is a high octane little Diesel nug from this last chop.
My leading Lady here is
Ethos Lilac Diesel
Grow Style/ set up

Coco, d2w Botanicare

Perpetual 2 room 10×10 rooms, Aquaponic veg room. LED Flower room LED T5 combo in veg. Co2 driven @ 1500 in flower 1k in veg.
Coco D2W Amended with Down to Earth ,Bat Guano,Bio fish,Kelp Meal ,Fishbone meal , Worm Castings and watered in with aquapond water with a good wad of Recharge mixed in.
*This coco has been recycled for 4 runs now and amended each run with fresh nutes.

Veg Nutes are Syn/Org: Molasses, Down to Earth Waterins: Biofish,Kelpmeal, FishBone meal,Bat Guano. NPK RAW Silica,NPK RAW Omina(amino),NPK RAW Bottles are : Botanicare Kind Base,Grow @10% nute strength chart, watered in from my aquapond with a pinch of Recharge. I add Down to Earth Langbeinite 1 week before flip as it takes a bit to break down and it’s pretty gradual so even at 0/0/22 it’s a nice add in for flower.

Flower Nutes: Botanicare Kind Bloom,Hydroplex,Liquid Karma, Botanicare CA MAG AN Bud ignitor AN Big Bud AN Overdrive. NPK RAW Silica Down to Earth Oyster shells watered in with Recharge and TONS of molasses all the way through, we burned through 3 gallons last monthπŸ‘Š
As my coco is recycled for over a year I flush for 2 weeks as it behaves soil like and holds out.
Much love discord mastergrow420, kahuna, ball4life, Lysergic, papops, bakedpwn, flo reefer and all πŸ‘Š