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I’ve been growing Irie Genetics for about a year now and have finally worked some other breeders into my grow flow. I was wanting something OG leaning so I landed on the Asphalt plant from Humboldt Seed Company and have been deciding which pheno to keep out of three ladies. It was formerly known as Venom OG and is now marketed as “All Gas OG”. I would say that the gas is strong with this line and it didn’t disappoint. I really stress tested these plants (not on purpose) with letting them get almost rootbound (had many preflowers before 12/12) and starting off with low temps (~70) when the flower period started and two of the phenos threw some late nanners (maybe got two seeds total though off the first pheno I harvested a month ago) but this one girl did not, so based on that I’m leaning on her being the winner for sure. Only have the final smoke test left to do to decide. They start to fade to dark purple around the end of week 7 without an additional molybdenum input early and these were grow with Nectar for the Gods Nutes (an adjusted spartan regimen) with Stout MSA, Cannabis FPJs, and Recharge!!

Also, I’m so glad Scotty finally got the meaning of my name on the show the other day. I hope everyone in the dgc is “Philling Goude” and growing strong! #growerslove