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She putting on the Pump! Used during vegto at the literal end:
Niloco> Thrive+ 3.09-1.58-10.4 ( micros & macros & essential minerals live plant aquarium all in one fertilizer trust me it’s a much for soik/rock/DWC grows),
Kool bloom 2-45-28,
molasses 0.7-0-5.32 ,
monster bloom 0-50-30 > Grotek, Khaos bloom foliar feed 0-0-0.5> Nectar for the Gods
Cal/mag 4-0-0>sensi cal mag Xtra, boiled{brew an chill tea} potato starch water 0-112- 224
( yes that is seriously the NK rating for potato starch water folks and since my lady was small I had to throw everything and the kitchen sink at her{Russet Burbank cultivar. Nitrogen rates of 0,112, 224 or 336 kg ha−1 were combined with selected K rates of 0, 112, 224 or 448 kg ha−1 as either KCl or K2SO4 arranged as an incomplete factorial},
apple Ash 0-3.08-11.74 {As it stimulates the growth and activity of helpful bacteria, apple pectin is considered a prebiotic. What’s more, it may help inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria},
Fish fertilizer 2-4-1 > organic Neptune’s Harvest,
Vitamino> botanicare 0.1-0-0, SuperBloom> KGrow 10-54-10,
Aloe fertilizer>GREEN24 Profi Line Aloe Dunger 2.5-4-6 { Aloe Agave }
humic12 DG
I have only watered with collected rain water, ph’d ( which you really ain’t got a pH that s***most of the time depending on where you live )with real lemon juice because that’s all you friggin need to adjust yo pH as well as lime juice,
Soil mix
Potato sweet and whatever other Potato Skin,
Sun dried egg shells
Three dozen mother Earth tears but they must be collected only on the second Saturday of the first, third or ninth odd month of the Zuthuran calendar year
Leaf types:
Venus ulna Azul maple don’t worry they’ll be dry as hells breath
Red oak
Sweet Maple
Willow oak
Red Cypress from Earth GJ 357 collect during spring lol it’s always spring there Duh! ;*)
2lbs pure inner earth dirt from the underside of the USA which would be yotodium safvizchohiszm just off vitzhordioum pastures just take a few shovels of soil but be fucking quick about it there’s s cave near the huge reverse waterfalls in inxtarrea that takes you straight to Chattanooga Tennessee find that shit!
Apple scraps
Orange peels and spoils
Lemon ” & ”
Banana “&”
Grape bunch steams &”
Cream of wheat
Old grape nuts
Horse manure
Two drops of Saturn ring water Crystal’s from zone 54 off the utahonix region
Broken down lespedeza grass
Cattle manure sun dried only
Mixed size limestone gravel pebbles
Bio char any type
A smidge of good ole red clay
Peat moss
The 8th lobe of a heart from a zurntanian from Zeta reticulum it’s easy to find once you get there just ask Zep. Just tell herimaleirladyanorphoditeanisbineayi or well shit tell it you know Mike.
Extremely dry brittle dead wood almost could be considered spongy I solely use dead willow oak branches , it must be falling apart in your hands as you twist it into shreds.
Tea bag contents
Coffee grounds
Grass clippings green & brown both each time