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I am running 12 on / 12 off, is it bad to turn on the light in the off time?
I just turn it on to check plants for a few minutes.

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Mammoth P Samples

anyone know a way to get a mammoth p sample without going through a grow store? the only one near me is not willing to let me receive a freebie at the store even if i buy shit and mammoth only sends samples to shops. i just don’t have the seventy bucks for the 250 mil size but would even pay shipping and a few bucks if someone had the sixty mil sample i could get from them. the recharge is killing it in the grow room and feel like mammoth is the other part of the equation from what...

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DGC Cup Hotels

Below are some links to Hotels in the general area of the 2017 DGC Cup. Please use the comments section below to let the crew know where we’re all staying. La Quinta Central Denver 3500 Park Ave West Denver, CO 80216-5126 Call: 1-303-458-1222 3 Star Hotel From $85/Night Sheraton Denver Downtown 1550 Court Pl, Denver, CO 80202 Phone:(303) 893-3333 4 Star Hotel From...

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DGC Cup 2017

Email for tickets.  April 15, 2017 from 5-10pm At Cultivated Synergy 2901 Walnut Street, Denver, CO, Denver, CO 80205 50+ Strains of Cannabis scheduled to enter Entry Only Pass $25- Come Smoke Out and Party Judges Pass $50- Entry & Judges/ Tasters Pass (taste and vote for your favorites) Contestant Pass$50- Entry, Judges/ Tasters Pass, & 1 DGC Cup Strain entry (taste/vote/enter your strain/win big prizes)...

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