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420 Smoke Break: Nute Antagonism

420NuteAntagonism from Scotty Real on Vimeo.

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Dude Grows Show 352 Growing Marijuana This Week In Cannabis

What’s Growing On DGC? Every Friday at 4:20 The Dude & Scotty Real are hanging out and talking the weeks cannabis news. LISTEN TO LATEST EPISODES this episode brought to you by Mammoth P Optic Foliar Executive Producer Dedicated to Dennis Peron- Absolute Hero to the cannabis community as well as the gay/lesbian communities who were just destroyed by AIDS in the 80s- he helped so many sick people in such a terribly uncompassionate time. He came back from vietnam with a couple lbs of dank and never slowed down. Opened The island in 1974 cannabis restaurant.- worked with...

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Nug Vault – Cash your Nugs in for Top Shelf Gear

nug vault small

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