When I was 14, in 1985, I found a seed in my weed and thought I would try to grow it. I put my incandescent reading light in my clothes closet and the seed in a styrofoam cup of dirt from outside. I watered it and left the lamp on all the time. The seed popped and grew quickly and skinny, about three inches and fell over and died. I guess the light was too far away. Fast forward to 2000, my buddy gave me a chewing tobacco tin full of seeds. It was still illegal to grow so I threw them all in my composter. Three weeks later my neighbor was cutting his grass and stopped to tell me he was impressed with my cannabis plants and pointed at the composter at several tall cannabis plants. I hadn't even noticed. He told me he won the 1969 cannabis growing contest in our town so I was happy he liked my plants even though it was a complete accident.