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My Sub-irrigated wicking organic bucket

Alright DGC. Here is the rough draft for my 5gal organic sub-irrigated wicking container. I had Scotty in mind the whole time I was planning this system. My thoughts were to combine the convenience of a hempy bucket with an organic living soil. And here it is. I start off with a basic diy 5 gallon bucket wicking container using two 5 gallon buckets, a 4″ net pot & 2″ pvc pipe. The space at the bottom between the two buckets become your water reservoir. The reservoir is filled from above via the 2″ pvc pipe. The reservoir level...

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TSC Stock tanks for your no till bed

Hey Scotty, I heard on the last episode that you were looking for a large container to use for a no till garden bed. Take a look online at Tractor Supply or just visit your local farm supply store and look at their selection of livestock water tanks. These make great large garden containers and come in many sizes from 50 to 300 gallons. These are what I will be using for my outdoor sub-irrigated organic wicking beds next...

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Sub-irrigated TLO

Dude and Scotty, Wanted to start out saying that I am loving the DGC grow knowledge, I have been listening daily for months now starting with episode #1 and just got caught up with the most recent episode. Finally decided to grab my balls and start putting together a small grow out in the barn. Since I am only growing for my personal use in prohibition land I have decided to start out with a 3x3x6 cabinet with a Eye Hortilux Blue 400 watt. I am still in the process of the build and am sure I will have...

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