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Alternative LED-Options

Hi guys, your well illuminated and enlighted Bud McLovin is here. The LED-Growlight-Market in the US is with Companies like Spectrum King and Pacific Light Concepts in full motion. In addition the number of easy DIY-Kits like the one from living legend Growmau5 is rising. The BIG problem: It’s hard to get this stuff to germany for a decent price because of shipping and taxes. That’s the reason why i am looking for alternatives. As you might remember i am “cursed” to use LED because of the stealth factor, low energy cost and the heigth restrictions of my attic....

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11 things I learned from my first grow

Hi guys, Bud McLovin here. As you might recall i started my first grow in August 2016 and germinated four Seeds (2x L.A. Confidential/2x Sexbud). I used only organic nutrients. My tent was 5 x 5 x 5 feet small with the shape of an igloo with a Spectrum King Closet Case with 100 Watt as a light source for veg and bloom. This is what i learned on my first run … and maybe you guys could chime in with additional advice. Day 48 of flower: 🎼🎤start spreading the news, I am flushing today. I want to harvest...

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How to dry your dank the right way

Hi guys, Bud McLovin here. Harvest is over and i ruined it. I dried my flowers way to fast by accident. There was nearly no humidity in my tent and after four days everything was crispy like corn flakes. Right now my weed (just 53 grams) is curing in mason jars. I will put some Boveda-Packs inside as soon as they arrive. Hopefully the buds will regain some moisture. But now to my Quesstiooooooooooooons: What’s the perfect humidity for drying? Should i use fans to circulate the air? Anything else i should be aware of? Cheers! Bud McLovin PS:...

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Dry Ice as CO2-Source

Hi, my name is Bud McLovin an i am addicted to growing cannabis. Scotty and the Dude made me do it. I am still waiting for my first harvest but i am already thinking about my next run – and a few improvements. My queeesstiiiiiiiiiooooooooooooooooooons: did you guys ever used dry ice as a CO2-Source for your grow rooms? Is there a dry-ice-grow-hack? is there a cheap but ok CO2-Monitor for small grows on the market? I am ready to macgyver me some cool CO2-Dry-Ice-Shit so please don’t kill my vibe! Puff-puff-pass from Germany! Truly yours Bud...

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Do the Hempy Flush!

Hi Guy, Bud McLovin here. Time for beginner questiooooooooooooooooonns. Right now i reached day 32 of flower. I am growing SexBud and LA Confidential, both strains came advertised with a flower period of 56 days and less. Harvest is coming. Ok.. it’s in the somewhat near future. You can see current pictures of my grow on my instagram-Account. When do i start to flush my 5-gallon-hempy-buckets? How much liter/gallons do i use per plant? Are there any big mistakes i could make? And now let’s do the hempy...

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