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The Perfect Protein-Shake?

Hi DGC, Bud McLovin here – your friendly grow-talk-stalker straight outta germany. QUESTIOOOOOOOOOON: Do you have any experience with hemp-protein as an additive? I found this product in my local bio-supermarket. The powder is made from organic hemp and it is full of amino acids, vitamins, calcium (175,7 mg per 100 g), potassium (1628 mg) and magnesium (994,8 mg). I am tempted to use this as a tea or top dressing for my next run. What do you think? Cheers! Bud McLovin  ...

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Alternative LED-Options

Hi guys, your well illuminated and enlighted Bud McLovin is here. The LED-Growlight-Market in the US is with Companies like Spectrum King and Pacific Light Concepts in full motion. In addition the number of easy DIY-Kits like the one from living legend Growmau5 is rising. The BIG problem: It’s hard to get this stuff to germany for a decent price because of shipping and taxes. That’s the reason why i am looking for alternatives. As you might remember i am “cursed” to use LED because of the stealth factor, low energy cost and the heigth restrictions of my attic....

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11 things I learned from my first grow

Hi guys, Bud McLovin here. As you might recall i started my first grow in August 2016 and germinated four Seeds (2x L.A. Confidential/2x Sexbud). I used only organic nutrients. My tent was 5 x 5 x 5 feet small with the shape of an igloo with a Spectrum King Closet Case with 100 Watt as a light source for veg and bloom. This is what i learned on my first run … and maybe you guys could chime in with additional advice. Day 48 of flower: 🎼🎤start spreading the news, I am flushing today. I want to harvest...

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