I Currently Am Sponsored By Ghost Genetics, Ezclone, Elite Garden, Urb Natural & Bigfoot Mycorrizae My Favorite Plants In My Garden Are My Dirty Wompa O.G Pheno Of Filthy Animal By Ghost Genetics.. & My Unknown Prophet Gorilla Glue Cut 100 Percent Authentic Clone Only I Also Have A Bubba Diesel I Can't Wait To Bloom. My Strains In Garden Right Now As Of June 2018 Dirty Wompa O.G* Senzu Bean O.G* Majin Buu F1* Buu's Breath* Ki Blast* King Kai* - Diesel Shoes Bred By El Mexicano - Gorilla Glue 4 (Unknown Prophet) Cut New Glue (Not Authorized Cut) Bubba Diesel Bred By Csi Humboldt East Coast Sour Diesel - * Newly Hunted From Seed * Extreme Sour Bred By BioDiesel Farms (Aj Sour Diesel X Kosher Kush) X (Aj Sour Diesel X Banana Sherbet) * 2 Different O.G Kush Leaning Phenos Fingers Crossed For Females..