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Gorilla Wreck 4

Gorilla Wreck 4 bred by CannaVenture Seeds. It is Gorilla Glue #4 crossed to Cannaventure’s Cookie Wreck which is GSC crossed to Trainwreck. Grown under 1000w Super HPS, all organic no-till soil. While I don’t pop feminized seeds any more, this pheno has stayed in my Mom garden for a reason. So funky smelling and beautiful purple...

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Casper’s Cookies

Casper’s Cookies bred by on Instagram. This strain is Ghost Train Haze #1 crossed to Mello Platinum Girl Scout Cookies male dubbed The Architect by the grower. Lemon Haze terps for days!!! Usually runs about 14 weeks in flower but this pheno is a little faster at 10 weeks. Grown under 1000w HPS in organic no-till pots courtesy of Build a...

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CBD for dogs?

What’s up Dude and Scotty? I have a bunch of furry children (dogs) and one is getting pretty old and suffers with joint pain and numerous fibrous tumors. Seeing her hurting like that, breaks my heart. I have a Magical Butter Machine and make edibles for myself; is it possible to make a dog friendly version? Plus which company would you guys recommend to buy CBD from? Hope you can help a brother and his dogs out. Love the show and glad to contribute as a producer. I grow all organic and you guys are killing it. Thanks for...

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