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Outside Growing

Hey Dude and Mr Real. What’s up DGC. I’m a new grower only one grow so far. I have a question about growing outside. I live in So Cal and would like to put a plant outside and use some free Sun. I was given some regular F-bomb seeds i got 4 to sprout, i planted them straight into coco perlite mix 70/30, topdressed earthworm castings. After soaking seeds in jumpstart for a couple hours. I watered in recharge and bio cozyme for first water. When is a good month to plant outside? How many weeks b4 i can...

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Alien Rift

Week 4 of flower started under 300w led switched to a spectrum king 400+ week 3 of flower . Using nectar for the...

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Adding Co2 in Flower

What’s up DGC , Mr. Dude n Mr Real i have a question about Co2. I’m in week 2 of flower I will be buying a Co2 tank with regulator and Spectrum king 400+ light ,in about a week. I know its late in my grow but I’m just getting the funds to upgrade my grow. Question : can i add Co2 in week 3 of flower or should I save Co2 for next grow? I have a 4×4 tent with a cheap 300w led using nectar for the gods and recharge. Only Co2 plants have had is from...

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Spectrum King Lights?

What’s up Mr Dude and Mr Real and the DGC just wanted to let any Veterans know that spectrum king has a veteran program 15% off need to show DD214 and ID . They also lowered there price on the 400+ to only $699 . So you get about $100 off the 400+ and $200 off the sk600 . That being said i will be going with spectrum king and taking advantage of the veteran discount. Wife got me a 4×4 tent for my bday just now sure what SK light would be good for me and how many...

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Nug Vault – Cash your Nugs in for Top Shelf Gear

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