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Seed Banks

Hi DGC , Dude , Scotty, Guru . Just passing some info on seeds banks . I have used , attitude seed bank and just recently gorilla seed bank . Expanding my collection.  I used bitcoin with seedsman awesome deals lots of free seeds . But bitcoin prices went up. So Cash with the other two . With gorilla seed bank  pic I ordered 5 for $55 , and for paying cash they gave me 5 free Barney farm seeds and a Cinderella 99 seed . They even threw in 3 extra seeds of the blue treacle I...

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Dude! I got peppers

What’s up Mr. Real , Dude , Guru and DGC . I’m growing some Chile peppers only plan to keep one of each n give away the rest . Question ?Can I grow then same way as cannabis . I have a 4×4 tent with 6 auto cannabis plants from seed . 2 bubba kush , 2 white widow, 2 sourhounds , about 2 inches tall second week from seed . Under a SK400+ . I want to put my pepper plants in tent at least for a month or two b4 I put them outside . I’m using...

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