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Oh No…More LED Talk???

How’s it hanging??? Hahaha sorry dude! Anyhow… now that all my Mars Hydro lights and starting to get burned diodes I’m ready to purchase a new light for flowering first.  I’m down to 2 options DuoLux600 or spectrum king 400+ i know a lot of the DGC are digging the SKs just wondering if anyone is rocking the duolux 600 from top shelf lighting? I grow in 2 4×4 texts one veg and one flower. Will probably buy one of these and use the Mars hydro for veg for now,  but what would a good veg light for the...

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What’s up guys and the DGC! Thanks so much for all the knowledge so far. Been doing well since I started with you guys about a year and a half ok. Thanks you you all my meds are top notch. Now time first time to deal with pest. Been really lucky thus far. I started to notice little silver shiny spot on leaves in the garden. I took a deeper look and saw what I believe to be a thrip. I have a bottle of azamax but not sure how to use. One girl is in final week of...

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Gorilla Glue week 7 flower

1 time growing this strain. Will be a 3rd harvest ever. Grown in Ocean forest happy frog mix. Complete Fox Farm line to schedule, silica and cal mag. Lights for first half of flower were 2 mars hydro 400s. Added mars 700 around week 5 of...

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Coming to Denver on 420

Hey DGC and the guys making the madness for us all. My wife and I are coming to Colorado to check it out. During my stay I have 3 goals. 1. Smoke a lot off cannabis 2. Find good seeds 3. Tour a dispensary From looking online it seems that most dispensaries do not have a selection of seeds if any at all. I’m looking for some high cbd as well has some high thc. I live in prohibition land that may be looking at medical legalization. I have dreamed for years of having a dispensary so would like...

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Recharge the Grass Man..

A few shows back you guys talked about keeping up the lawn and shit around your house when you are a grower just to keep any suspicion away. I live in a hot as hell climate and we have been in a drought for sometime. The st Augustine grass has slowly gone to shit. Take a shovel scoop of dirt and find hard soil full of grubs. Ok I know this is a cannabis show but this kinda ties in together. Maybe haha. Anyway I started using Recharge in my grow and FUCK me……yeah that stuff works. So can...

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