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Gorilla Glue week 7 flower

1 time growing this strain. Will be a 3rd harvest ever. Grown in Ocean forest happy frog mix. Complete Fox Farm line to schedule, silica and cal mag. Lights for first half of flower were 2 mars hydro 400s. Added mars 700 around week 5 of...

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Coming to Denver on 420

Hey DGC and the guys making the madness for us all. My wife and I are coming to Colorado to check it out. During my stay I have 3 goals. 1. Smoke a lot off cannabis 2. Find good seeds 3. Tour a dispensary From looking online it seems that most dispensaries do not have a selection of seeds if any at all. I’m looking for some high cbd as well has some high thc. I live in prohibition land that may be looking at medical legalization. I have dreamed for years of having a dispensary so would like...

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Recharge the Grass Man..

A few shows back you guys talked about keeping up the lawn and shit around your house when you are a grower just to keep any suspicion away. I live in a hot as hell climate and we have been in a drought for sometime. The st Augustine grass has slowly gone to shit. Take a shovel scoop of dirt and find hard soil full of grubs. Ok I know this is a cannabis show but this kinda ties in together. Maybe haha. Anyway I started using Recharge in my grow and FUCK me……yeah that stuff works. So can...

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Fox Farms Gringo Rasta Line

Hey guys and DGC… Anyone know anything about this new line from Fox Farms called Gringo Rasta? They announced on social media sometime back in December and there doesn’t seem to be much buzz going on about it. I have used Fox Farms Soils and Full bottle line for a couple grows now and have been pleased so far. This seems like it maybe geared more towards the cannabis industry considering the hush hush on there website. Wants you to call their 1-800 number for more info. Anyway I would rather here from people that you know and trust...

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