90's baby here learning everything I need to learn about cannabis by throwing myself into the jungle and grow with all kinds of mediums and fail, SUCCESSFULLY! I started with foxfarm ocean forest potting soil growing outdoor to building my own indoor grow room and growing with coco and peat (separately and together) and becoming a synthetic grower using organic lines only. I've been thru every and any defficiency and bug infestation you can think of, and yes! Bugs in my indoor grow room also. It's true when they say "you live and you learn" I converted my walk in closet into a grow room, it is 10'x6x9 and I'm using 1200W LED FULL SPECTRUM lights with VEG/BLOOM switches and I have no problem growing with these. I start with 1 for germination move my way up to 4 of the same lights for the entire room for flowering. I've grown a maximum of 10 plants LST and building them towards a pound. Nothing is better than sunlight, my best and most beautiful plants are outdoor with the help of mother nature.