Got a couple grows under my belt but still haven't gotten where I want to be yet (swimming in the dank) I've been soaking up as much knowledge as possible so keep it coming DGC.


3 headed bag seed

3 headed bag seed

Whats up DGC, I popped a few seeds I got out of some bud and one popped up with three leaves instead of the normal 2. After growing for a week or so it got even stranger, the top grew out about 5 single leaves all bunched together. A few days later three branches...
Tangiematic  – 420 fastbuds

Tangiematic – 420 fastbuds

What’s up DGC!! Coming to you from prohibition land, this is only my second grow. Started growing because “the dank” is hard to find down  here sometimes. If I can stop myself from wanting to do too much hopefully I can grow myself some DANK!!  Would...