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Building a New Flower Room, Getting a New AC

Hey DGC!  I’m upgrading my 5×6 & 4×4 flower areas to 1, 8×10 flower room. I had been utilizing a 14,000 btu single hose portable AC that I was given a couple of years ago to inject cool air into both areas from a neighboring room that I had a 4×4 veg tent set up with an SK MLH & some T-5s. That setup was a real pain and wasteful. For flowering lights I only have an SK 400+ and a 315 CMH. I plan to run one or 2 full cycles with just these before investing in more...

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Happy 4th of July

Just trying to celebrate my freedom to grow a mixture of medicinal & vegetable plants in my own backyard. This is Critical Auto from Nirvana seeds being guarded by an evil gnome. Seed sprouted June 3rd and this was taken today, July...

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What’s up with Colorado Magic Board?

I’m about to build a slightly larger flower room and started thinking about checking out Colorado Magic Board. The problem is their website has been down for at least the past week or so and I can’t figure out how to get a hold of them. Are they still in business or just going through some changes?...

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MTNSIde Dude Code?

Is there a Mountainside Dude code? I thought I heard Scotty mention it a few shows back but I’ve smoked a lot of joints since then. I’m a flower guy mostly but have been making bubble hash and rosin lately so I’d like to pick up something cool to smoke it properly and don’t trust most of the cheap online glass...

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Who’s Running an Oxycloner?

I’ve been using Root Riot plugs for a couple of years now but have always thought about trying an Oxycloner. The Dewey Mister looks cool too especially since they support the DGC but I like the lower profile and 6 more sites of the 20 site Oxycloner. Does anyone here use one and how do you like...

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