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Quiet 4″ fan/filter combo

Whats up DGC?! I return again for some expert advice. I’m using a secret jardin lodge 160. On the bloom side I have a 6″ can max fan and a can 33 then a duct running over to the top of the veg side and that’s where my intake is. I’d like to add a fan filter combo to that side so I can leave it shut while I’m working in the bloom side. I really like how quiet the can max fan is but that would be way overkill for the 16″x48″x7′ so I’d like to know if...

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United States seed bank recommendations?

Can anyone tell me what seed banks within the United States are legitimate? I just find it super sketchy that they are able to ship to prohibition states. I’m specifically looking for jack herer from sensi seeds unless someone knows of a good feminized strain that’s worth running. A buddy of my ordered from one here in the states and got it no problem. I guess I’m concerned because I don’t understand how they can do it haha. Thanks again guys and...

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Bubble Hash

Hey guys, I just did my first run of bubble hash. Thanks Dude and Dr. J for the tutorial. My question is regarding drying. After pressing the water out on the 25 micron screen it was already extremely sticky and difficult to get off. I cant imagine trying to get this through a strainer for drying as Dr. J shows without loosing half of it. Can anyone educate me a bit as to how i should dry hash with this consistency? Thanks in advance...

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Bloom Yellow Bottle Silica?

Hey guys hope everyone is ready for a very dank Christmas as I am. I’ve recently decided to try this new organic line from australia but everything is highly concentrated. The Silica for example is %53.2! The┬áDyna Grow Protekt I use now is %3.7. They recommend .170 ml/litre or .644 ml/gallon. This is far from what i’m used to with the Botanacare i’ve been running. I have graduated cylinders that go down to tents of a ml but how much room for error is there here? Im hoping you guys may have some advice on running a highly concentrated...

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