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Bloom Yellow Bottle Silica?

Hey guys hope everyone is ready for a very dank Christmas as I am. I’ve recently decided to try this new organic line from australia but everything is highly concentrated. The Silica for example is %53.2! The┬áDyna Grow Protekt I use now is %3.7. They recommend .170 ml/litre or .644 ml/gallon. This is far from what i’m used to with the Botanacare i’ve been running. I have graduated cylinders that go down to tents of a ml but how much room for error is there here? Im hoping you guys may have some advice on running a highly concentrated...

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Pineapple Chunk by Barney’s Farm

Well I bought these seeds to be my first grow and really didn’t read up on the strain much other then knowing it was a high THC indica. A few days into the grow I started reading horror stories of this strain not finishing for 90-100 days and I wasn’t thrilled about my first grow taking that long. Before I knew it I had some amber trichomes and I really wasn’t expecting it so I didn’t have time to do a proper flush, or at least I thought. This strain finished with aprox amber trichomes in exactly 65 days,...

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Recharge knocked out of solution by liquid bone meal?

Hey guys just like the title says I’m curious if Recharge can be knocked out of solution. The reason i ask is i fed my plants last night the following mixed in this order; Botanicare Liquid Karma 5 ml, GH Calimagic 5ml, Nectar for the Gods liquid bone meal 5ml, Recharge 1/2 teaspoon. This is the first time i’m using this liquid bone meal mixed with other nutrients and it did have a strange cloudy look to it but was not obviously separated until i was done watering and there was an inch in the bottom of the bucket....

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Dry Winter Air

Yo DGC, Man I’m glad the Merry Dankster showed me this place or I’d still be sifting through tons of misinformation in the forums! So after looking online and asking at my local grow shop I figure I would be better off asking some knowledgeable growers here, real growers for a lack of a better term. As my humidity is creeping down and falling. I know I need a way to control it yet I see little talk of using humidifiers in tents 4’x4′ to be specific. It will go up for a day after watering but not a...

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