First of all, thank you guys for a place to feel like I can fit in and feel normal. A place to learn, grow, and share knowledge. A place to share the blessings, love, and medical triumphs. The good Lord incorporated many good things to be discovered from this beautiful creation. I really think it's great that you guys aid in those discoveries and that the show is growing and y'all are getting the recognition you deserve for being one of the OG influencers to normalize this thing we all have in common. Anyway, I am a hillbilly by birth. The area I grew up in is beautiful. Normal as normal can be childhood, until age 13. At age 11 my family moved to the beaches of NC. I mostly just remember how I thought it was the strangest feeling being somewhere so flat. Then my world crashed. My mom had caught meningitis, went blind, and lost her memories from almost all my childhood. My dad, had no idea what to do I guess, So, I get shipped back home with my mom for family to help with her care. Funny thing is I'm from one of those hillbilly families that don't like each other, so that just didn't work, So, since 13 I've bounced from 1 place to another, Its taken me 40 something years to figure out I'm OCD, bipolar as hell, and have always struggled with anxiety and manic and depressive episodes. But, I discovered round 15 the mental magic that cannabis is capable of preforming and I have been and avid fan of its show ever since. My working life has been quiet random also, I have been a medic, a boat/motor mechanic, a hairstylist, a carpenter, a musician, and several more odd adventures along the way. One of the only constants throughout my life has been ....you guessed it crazy women, lol ... Dang, there's that OCD again, lol. I mean, of course cannabis has always been a major positive presence in my life.