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Funnyish: Things I hate about my neighbors who are totally unsuspecting of why

OK, so I have a few gripes about my neighbors and they are totally innocent of any shame. This isn’t isolated to my house, it’s happened almost everywhere I’ve grown. So I thought I’d share these experiences and see what else folks have dealt with over the years. Why the hell do you have to eat/drink/chill at your freaking nook every time I’m trying to do something crucial to the grow? Really, can you see my timer or something? Why does it have to be at exactly the wrong time that I need to get something done? Do you...

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New Millenium Review

How’s it going DGC!?! I had a good opportunity to try out New Millenium Nutrients and would like to share what I have experienced. My normal feeding as of lately has been Canna Coco (thanks Scotty!) along with a good amount of Grow More and Optic Foliar, and, of course, the el rechargo. I spoke with Jarin a few times at length, and was really happy with the manner in which he addressed my concerns about living soil and nutrient transport. Seriously, he’s a great resource and really helped me understand the differences and what makes New Millenium stand...

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Drainage solved

Hi, My first post, thank you Scotty for the how to post for kids who don’t read good but want to do other stuff good too video.  Figured I’d say hi and try to contribute right off the bat. Got my Recharge and Optic Foliar on order, great show, keep it up forever. I’m going backwards in the podcasts to hear it all, and ALWAYS pick up some good stuff. I was having an issue figuring out my drainage for my room. I have 2 4×8 trays and a nice 1in flexible tube heading out the garage and down...

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