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IPM Schedule for beginners- What do you recommend?

Many times, I have been asked “what do I need to start growing my own?” This is a complicated question but I feel like the Dude and Scotty have given a great baseline on what they recommend when it comes to nutes, media, lighting, equipment, temp/humidity settings, co2 vs air exchange ect,ect. One area that I feel like they do not have nailed down for beginner growers is IPM. Whenever the subject is brought up, the obvious organic vs inorganic, predator mites and nematodes vs spray IPM conversation is brought up but a solid recommended IPM is never laid out. What...

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DIY Tumble Trimmer

Hey all, I figured I’d do a little write upon the DIY trimmer I built a couple weeks ago. I have been researching trimmers online for quite some time and one finally caught my eye. I grow perpetually, which means once a month I find myself trimming. I really don’t mind trimming, this is my hobby, and i love it. However, after 11 hours and no one to help, i sometimes find myself looking for other options. This tumble trimmer seemed to be a pretty cool option, it seemed to be a really good mix of efficiency and...

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Russet mites…throw in the towel or battle on?

Dude and Scotty, First of all, thanks for all the great info and content. I recently became a paying member  and $10 a month is the best investment I have made in a long while. All the entertainment  and knowledge I get from you guys is awesome. I have been growing on and off for 8 years and about a year ago really started trying to take it seriously. Back in the day I used to grow with a DWC with fantastic results. I tried DWC again when I started back up a year ago… long story short I...

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