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Northern California Seed Sale

For those seed seekers in the Northern California area a friend of mine is showcasing his seed collection for sale. Check out the poster for details or hit me up. Be cool to meet some Nor Cal...

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Equilibrium Genetics seeds

Its a pleasure to meet the breeder when you’re acquiring genetics. Equilibrium Genetics are high quality seeds grown with love. Check him out at I got a few new packs for next grow (pictured). We had a great season this year with multiple strains from EQ testing over 28% thc with the highest coming in just over 30% thc (forgot actual number) and strong cannabinoid profiles. Can’t wait for the Emerald...

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Emerald Cup 2016… Whos goin?

Yo DGC, This being my 1st year living in the Emerald Triangle I am tingling with excitement as we approach the event on December 10-11th. So any DGC going to the event? I will be there all weekend so anybody wanna meet up hit me up or post here. Check out the speaker panels at Jeff Lowenfels (New Book- Teaming with Fungi) will be there discussing LIVING SOIL:Building your soil not your plants. This will be...

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GRKLE bud and rosin budder

GRKLE is a strain created by crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Purple Erkle, grown from seed. The flower grows very dense and has a heavy stoned effect. We are waiting for the test results but last year this strain tested above 26% THC. GRKLE was fairly mold resistant all the way thru to the nug run. Small amounts of mold but thats to be expected outdoors. In fact the GRKLE was never even given rain covers so that makes it more impressive. This is a great strain to grow and even better to smoke if you like being stoned! The...

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