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Rosin and Parchment Paper

PSA: Parchment paper is not safe.

PTFE film for pressing hot sandwiches is the better choice. In the search for solventless we forgot to look at why we use them in the first place.

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Miss Pebbles

I’d like to introduce Ms Fruitena Pebbles. She drinks lots of water and tea, is on a no sodium diet, and loves the worm poo and sea greens. She had many children in her last year and has come to hang heavy at a ripe ol 70ish and smells purple pineapple and dehydrated marshmallow (like lucky charms) with a hint of berry whites dirty socks. ROLS enriched with DTEarth products, recharge, mammoth p at the very end, and winter frost once at 50%. She has been tanning under a hortilux 600 hps and upgraded to 1000 for final 3...

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Harvesting Purple

so here she is after 70 days under hps lights in coco and ROLS mix and feeding remo nutes weekly at half strength. The smell of purple is quite pronounced and the one watering of frost added some triches like the soft fallen snow. Not the heaviest nugs but nice...

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Cannatonic x Critical mass

Cbd mass Beginning flush at day 60. Remo nutes, teas, recharge and the usual components. 1:1 ratio leaving for a nice relaxed afternoon herb that doesn’t leave you on the couch. Great for poolside barbecues or social...

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Purple Stuff

It turns, tastes, smells, and exudes purple after around 70 days or so. Multiple cropping them (harvest tops and let bottoms fatten) and the final leaves left are black. See cbd mass description for grow...

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