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Old Seeds

Hello everybody! There was a question about seed germination recently and methods used to do so. Hydrogen peroxide was mentioned and I would like to clarify the use of h2o2 on seeds to soften the hard outer shell to allow easier germination of old or dried out seeds. Much like the use of a matchbox sandpaper to scuff the seeds does, yet less likely to damage the germ as well as force oxygen into the shell if left to soak long enough. Secondly the h2o2 prevents the water from stagnating as rapidly. This is by far unnecessary for any...

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CBD Mass

Critical mass x Cannatonic from CBD Bros. Grows like the Critical mass but smells of the cannatonic pine and grapefruit. 1:1 ratio in the 5-10% range. 74 days. 1 gal coco, minimal AN overdrive, sensi base of AN (stabilize ph of my almost 9.0 water) recharge, mam p, grow more silica, teas, and the only product I recommend from AN, Nirvana. Oh yea. Almost forgot the winter frost! Under old one k hortilux. Bazooka Jo in second...

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Are you suffering from an overactive microbe colony at the end of flower? Did you feed later than what you really wanted to and trying to get the girls to start fading? Hydrogen Peroxide is an easy way to get them to fade and fatten without any more additives and allows you to inoculate with Recharge later than desired to eat the last of the nutes before being sterilized and releasing their contents to the plant and oxygenation around the root zone will stimulate growth and nutrient absorbtion, particularly phosphorus, which is released from calcium that binds it allowing...

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Nug Vault – Cash your Nugs in for Top Shelf Gear

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