Old dude. Long time toker. Casual grower since 1971 with some background in plant biology, landscape design. I collect and propagate aloes and haworthias. Born into a family of ranchers, I planted my first garden age 9. It was kind of a Cain & Abel vibe. However, new genetics are calling me. I must answer.


Auto X Photo

First, big props to the dudegrows community for all the shared information. I was inspired by comments about crossing auto males to photo females to produce early and vigorous first generation photoperiod offspring. I have dipped my toes into autoflower breeding and...
New to the great indoors

New to the great indoors

My background with various cacti and succulents has established a mindset in me that, in general, when it comes to nutrition, less is often more. This has led to  me chasing deficiencies more than I would like in these first few tentative indoor attempts. This, my...