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I’m stumped…

What’s up DGC it’s NPKyle, and yes that’s NP-Kyle not NPK-yle. I thought I would reach out to everyone to help me solve a mystery in the garden.  The plants in the pictures are Pineapple Express. These were just recently transplanted into coco from clone in rockwool. The stunted and malformed growth in the pictures developed after getting potted up. We have done this routine countless times, with countless strains. We have seen this before, but very sporadically, maybe 1-3 plants out of 200. The only change we have made recently was a transition from pro-mix to coco/perlite. Nutrient...

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Diatomaceous Earth as a calcium/silica source?

Hey DGC, Theres been a lot of talk lately about diatomaceous earth and how useful it is for controlling pests, but can it also serve as a source of nutrition? As I understand, DE is made of Silica, Calcium, and other trace minerals, but its also FOSSILIZED. I have read from a couple places on the interweb that your plants can use these elements, but I am questioning the accuracy of those sources. Also, I cannot find any information regarding the subject, most of the results in google when I type DE are articles talking about its use as...

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Heavy 16 – Nutrient Review

Whats up DGC! I have been listening for a long time, but just recently became a member. First off, this community is awesome and full of a bunch of amazing growers and knowledgeable people willing to share what they know! So with that in mind, I feel obligated to make sure that y’all have been introduced to HEAVY 16. WHAT IS HEAVY 16? Heavy 16 blends complex formulas into potent and concentrated plant nutrients designed to produce professional grade, artisan quality crops. H16 consists of a 2-part Veg base, 2-part Bud base as well as their additives Roots, Prime,...

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