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Grapestomper week 7 flower grown in small greenhouse. Nutes: wormcast tea, Recharge, fish/kelp liquid fertilizers, water from garden fountain with small koi in...

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No Solder Computer Fan Hack

by Rocketboy 9 Sometimes a little extra ventilation and air flow is needed in small grow cabinets that are used for sprouts, seedlings or clones.  When this comes up I like to use a computer fan for this job because they’re easy to hack and easy to find.  Below is a video of how I put a fan together without solder.   I hope it helps and let me know if you have any questions or comments. Grow, Learn,...

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Before you buy a “Cleanlight Hobby Unit” read this hack

  by Rocketboy9 What’s happening everyone, I hope your gardens are going as planned.  Lately when I get on Facebook, I’ve been getting these ads for “Cleanlight Hobby Unit”.  The ad claims it’s a good tool to use against powdery mildew.  I have to say the ad made me curious enough to go to Amazon and look for some reviews.  I was surprised to see that the first review was from someone who not only hated this product but gives advice on how to build a better type of light.  It’s an awesome grow hack that I will be...

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Just trying to give back.

Dear Dude, Scotty and all of the DGC Greetings from Central California, I just became a paying member a few weeks ago and I want to thank everyone for carrying me this past year. I want The DGC to know how important this community is.  Aside from being a huge source for grow knowledge, it also gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling to be surrounded by like-minded people.  The show and the community have given me the confidence to come out of the shadows and be heard, not just as a cultivator but as a cannabis enthusiast.  Because of...

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A new day for recreational cannabis

by Rocketboy9 Well my fellow cannabis enthusiasts, this is a new day.  20 years after medical cannabis was legalized in California, the great citizens of that state voted to legalize cannabis for recreational use by anyone over the age of 21.  So as of Wednesday November 9, 2016 adults can legally consume cannabis for the fun of it.  This matters to me because I live in the beautiful Golden State and I believe in the free and open access to cannabis by adults.   The “Adult use of Marijuana Act” or “Prop 64” basically allows adults to use, possess,...

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Nug Vault – Cash your Nugs in for Top Shelf Gear

nug vault small

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