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Smoke Detectors at Work

Greetings Dude, Scotty, Guru and all of the DGC. Rocketboy9​ here. This isn’t a grow question but I couldn’t find a category for this so here we go.  I want to share a story from a recent day at work. As some of you may know I do fire suppression systems for my day job. A couple of weeks ago I got called out to reset a clients fire system. They’re one of these companies that run huge server rooms.  For fire protection they use a water fogging system because the fog is so fine it won’t damage the...

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Fire Safety in our Indoor Home Grow Rooms

It’s never good when a fire breaks out in an indoor grow but it’s even more tragic when that grow room is in our home. I want to take this moment to say something about fire safety in an indoor home grow. We’ve all heard the horror stories of bad wiring catching fire or the plant canopy getting too close to a hot light and bursting into flames. We try not to think about it too much because aside from having a clean, safe grow area and a fire extinguisher handy, there is very little we can do when we have a fire.

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Grapestomper week 7 flower grown in small greenhouse. Nutes: wormcast tea, Recharge, fish/kelp liquid fertilizers, water from garden fountain with small koi in...

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No Solder Computer Fan Hack

by Rocketboy 9 Sometimes a little extra ventilation and air flow is needed in small grow cabinets that are used for sprouts, seedlings or clones.  When this comes up I like to use a computer fan for this job because they’re easy to hack and easy to find.  Below is a video of how I put a fan together without solder.   I hope it helps and let me know if you have any questions or comments. Grow, Learn,...

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Before you buy a “Cleanlight Hobby Unit” read this hack

  by Rocketboy9 What’s happening everyone, I hope your gardens are going as planned.  Lately when I get on Facebook, I’ve been getting these ads for “Cleanlight Hobby Unit”.  The ad claims it’s a good tool to use against powdery mildew.  I have to say the ad made me curious enough to go to Amazon and look for some reviews.  I was surprised to see that the first review was from someone who not only hated this product but gives advice on how to build a better type of light.  It’s an awesome grow hack that I will be...

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