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Cannabis Subspecies

Sup Dgc! I was listening to Growcast the other day and they had an episode about cannabis subspecies… Turns out we’ve been wrong since the beginning. The subspecies are named after where the plant originated. From what I understand the guy who started the whole subspecies Taxonomy made a bit of a boo boo. What we think of as Sativa actually originated from India, meaning it’s actually CANNABIS INDICA. What we call Ruderalis is ferrel, or wild, making it CANNABIS SATIVA, and the Indica originated in Afghanistan, making it CANNABIS AFGHANICA. I just figured this was something you...

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Microbe Friendly Silica

Howdy Doody Rowdy Booties! Well we found our new house and it’s getting closer to setting up my grow in the basement. Im so excited I can feel it in my loins! or that could be the Recharge I put in my coffee… but either way I want to get everything I need before I start, and one thing I don’t have is silica, which I like to have in my “schedule.” I received an info packet from dyna-gro and I was looking into the Pro-Tekt, my only question is would that have any negative effect on the micro-beasties?...

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Toker Poker

Howdy DGC! Just thought I would share my views on the Toker Poker (TP) in case anyone else is wondering if these are worth buying… in short, yes it’s worth buying IMHO. The TP is a great little multifunctional lighter sleeve with a steel poker, steel tamper, and a place ┬áto keep your Bee Line/hemp wick… the ad says the TP holds 5 feet of wick… and it does! What a concept, advertising truth about a product lol Stay Red Eyed, Smiley, and Live Life...

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Biodiesel Mass Auto; Advanced

Biodiesel Mass Auto flower from Advanced Seeds. I believe it was around week 5. Grown in a 2:1 ratio of Foxfarm Ocean Forest : promix hp and fed with the gen organics line. This is one of the plants that was murdered by a patient turned partner. He was my landlord so I had to go along with it. Eventually I said I couldn’t do it. Which was mainly bc he was making mistakes I made and dealt with on my first one or two grows. That night I walked out to see all my hard work wilting in...

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Nug Vault – Cash your Nugs in for Top Shelf Gear

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