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Can Fan Speed Control

Hey there Guru, Scotty, and Dude (had to give Guru some love and put him in first haha we appreciate all you do brother) I met a Yogi on Craigslist and ended up buying a Can-fan S400, and now I see why they say nothing sucks like a can fan, (and that’s after many a nights with my ol fun buddy, lets call her Slurpy McHoover,) anyway, enough parentheses. Since I cant ask the Can Fan to slow the sucking down, I figured I should get a fan speed controller so I don’t suck the walls in on my...

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Cannabis Rootballs C:N Ratio

Hiiidy-ho! Good morning Guru, Scotty, Dude, and the rest of the DGC family! I was just wondering if anyone knew approximately what the Carbon:Nitrogen Ratio is of cannabis root balls? I know there’s plenty of factors that could tweak it one way or another, I guess what I’m trying to figure out is do the root balls count as Green Material aka Nitrogen rich, or brown material aka Carbon rich? I’ll be tossing some worms in my compost in a couple days, as soon as the nights get a bit warmer. I have Eisenia Hortensis to start with since...

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