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The Hamster

The Hamster is a local seattle sativa strain that was popular in the late nineties. Grown with the full Canna line plus recharge, mammoth p, facilitator and some other organics. Started in a 5 gal transplantable hempy and flowered in a 20 gallon hempy....

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Residential Dehumidifier Isn’t Enough

Whats up?? I am running three rooms in a perpetual harvest, i have been growing for about 18 months. I run Hempy’s in my flower and Vege areas. My current issue is in my flower room, i have 4K HPS in an 8×10 room. Currently i am in the middle of week 5 and things are looking icey but i am worried as things are continuing to grow but my residential dehumidifier isnt cutting it. I am struggling to keep the RH at less than 60% with it running 24/7. Any...

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perfect burn and more

Whats up Dude and Scotty, Hello DGC,  im just looking for some advice. I am just about to turn my girls to flower and and i have some concern.  I am growing drain to waste in 25 gallon smart pots in promix amended with worm castings. My room is 4K watts running two hortilux HPS, one Hortilux Blue and one traditional metal hallide.  I run the full GO line (feeding maximum suggested on label) with Mammoth P and recharge.  I have been foliar spraying with Absorbalight and neem.  I have 4 girls.  Two are something called Hamster (local strain...

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